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When you search for "ERP" on the web, the sheer amount of information that comes up can be overwhelming—not to mention a little confusing.

Every website seems to have its own definition of ERP, and one ERP implementation can vary widely from the next.

The central feature of all ERP systems is a shared database that supports multiple functions used by different business units.

In practice, this means that employees in different divisions—for example, accounting and sales—can rely on the same information for their specific needs.

For instance, with sales orders automatically flowing into the financial system without any manual re-keying, the order management department can process orders more quickly and accurately, and the finance department can close the books faster.

Other common ERP features include a portal or dashboard to enable employees to quickly understand the business' performance on key metrics.

Perhaps even more importantly, cloud ERP enables reporting and BI, making them even valuable to executives and staff seeking visibility into the business.Her outing comes after she revealed that is finally "doing everything she wanted to".The Baywatch star didn't think she would be glad to be in her 50s but she is really embracing her life. I am rich: I’m healthy, I have two beautiful boys and I’m doing what I’m passionate about. I remember when Hef called me, my son was next to me and he said, ' Mom, you've got to do it!Taking inspiration from Catwoman she wore a seductive black face mask as she arrived at the bash held at Morton’s in Berkeley Square.Posing away, the star revealed her cleavage in the low-cut number as she removed her sheer cover-up.

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