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Taking selfies is so popular even politicians and priests are doing it! Whether it’s to your boyfriend or girlfriend or someone you’ve met online, a quick snap can have long term consequences.

There’s nothing wrong with a few snaps of your smile but what about a bit more? You're chatting online, and things are getting hot. REMEMBER - If you have shared something you regret, or you’re being bullied because of it, it’s never too late to get help. You might be worried about talking to an adult but they are likely to be more understanding than you think. Confidential means not telling anyone else what you’ve said.

The internet has facilitated a boom in infidelity for women aged between 35 and 49.

And while he told Marie he’d fallen in love with her and had left his wife of 30 years, the truth was he was very much married.

The couple met on a 'no strings' website after separated Marie - nervous about embarking on a new relationship - decided it would be 'wrong' to sign up to a site full of people looking for long-term love.

If I said one day I liked some perfume, he’d turn up with it a few days later.‘Often we’d stay in a local hotel for the afternoon – but it wasn’t just about sex. At the time it seemed the perfect escapism I needed.’But Ashley wanted more.

Ten months after they began dating, he suddenly announced he’d left his wife.‘It came out of the blue,’ says Marie, ‘he said he and his wife had told the children that they were separating and he was going to buy his own place, but they knew nothing about me.’The couple began seeing one another more with Ashley visiting Marie several times a week and going away for romantic weekends in luxury hotels.‘When I booked a family holiday to Kos, Ashley even flew out for five days to join the children and myself,’ says Marie, ‘they met him and everyone really hit it off.’However, four months after Ashley said he’d left his wife, in October 2017 she received a shocking phone call.‘Three days before Ashley had told me how much he loved me.

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