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From a chronological point of view, it appears impossible that she was la mre d Aim (Oumm-Aim): it is suggested that this text refers to her own change of name after marriage, which appears corroborated by the next source[daughter .Her family connection and marriage are confirmed by Ibn-el Kouthya who records that the Berbers appointed "Ayyoub, fils de Habib le Lakhmy, neveu de Moua" as their commander, because "sa mre tait une sur de l'illustre gnral" .After the Abbasid dynasty overthrew the Ummayad caliphate in 750, Abd er-Rahman, grandson of the last Ummayad Caliph Hisham, fled to North Africa and in 755 crossed into al-Andalus where he was proclaimed emir at Crdoba in 756 and resisted attempts by the Abbasids to seize control (see Chapter 2).His descendants continued to rule al-Andalus until the early 11th century, Emir Abd er-Rahman III adopting the title Caliph in 929.

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The vivid narrative of the early Arabic sources suggests that entertaining readers with interesting stories was more important to their authors than reflecting historical fact.

The period 1010 to 1013 saw a breakdown of the caliphate system of government in Crdoba, when locally based lords assumed control in their own areas forming the basis for the network of so-called Taifa kingdoms which emerged in al-Andalus during the course of the 11th century (Chapter 6).

The fragmentation of power and military weakness of individual Taifa kingdoms enabled the Christians to conquer significant amounts of territory from the Taifa kingdoms, particularly during the reign of Alfonso VI King of Castile.

There are no surviving contemporary Arabic primary sources which recount the Muslim invasion of Spain in 711/12, although the arrival of the Muslims in Spain is narrated from the Christian point of view in the Chronicle of 754, although Lafuente dates it to the 11th century.

The Ajbar Machmua is useful for the conquest and the period of the early governors of al-Andalus, but contains few details in its review of the reigns of the emirs of Crdoba, descendants of Abd al-Rahman I.

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