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"The Undefeated" actually starts quite brilliantly as we enter things as Col.John Henry Thomas leads his men into battle against the Rebels not knowing that war has been declared over.Mc Laglen almost ploughs through them with an efficient but less than spectacular manner.And to add to the issues you have John Wayne and several of his regular movie buddies alongside Rock Hudson doing the minimum needed to get through things.But that potential is ignored in favour of keeping things very simple and so rather than being a story driven by some creative scenes we get one standard scene and idea after another.It's all a shame and whilst watching some old fashioned action where Thomas and Langdon lead men into battle with some rebels is entertaining it's no different to anything we've seen before.

But half an hour later and it's still not got out of neutral and it's only during the last 30 minutes does "The Undefeated" actually get any momentum and go anywhere.The Sacramento Walk of Stars honors national and worldwide accomplishments made by those who call or once called the Sacramento region home.We are working to identify 2018 stars and those will be announced in spring 2018 and honored in August 2018.And in away that is one of my major criticisms of "The Undefeated" because the middle section as it goes back and fourth between Thomas and Langdon is simply repetitive.Even the back story romances, and there are a couple of them, fail to add anything to make it any different.

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