Who is matt grant dating

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I proposed to a woman who was about a foot and a half shorter than me, who had nothing in common with me, and thought there were palm trees in London. At the time, Matt was talking up a new show called finishes and we're left with a future bride and groom. Matt, your confession would be more press-worthy than trying to ride my coattails. If only ABC would let him tell the truth about his sexuality, all parties involved would win."Nice.The English financier told Us Weekly that the bride wore 'what appeared to be a vintage dress, a really classic, beautiful dress.She just looked mesmerizing.' The star of Season 12 of the ABC reality TV show told the gossip site that inclement weather almost ruined the big day.'We were having terrible British weather... It was dark and depressing.'One very special guest 'couldn't make it' for the ceremony: Matt's ex, actress Shayne Lamas, 32.

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The second was that we were having terrible British weather and it was raining on Christmas Day. “It lit up this old 13th-century building and it was already going to be beautiful, but just to have the sun light up the building it just made it extra special.” The newlywed also couldn’t help but gush over his stunning bride: “She had [on] what appeared to be a vintage dress, a really classic, beautiful dress.

The General Hospital actress said yes to Grant's proposal on the series finale of the TV show in 2008.

But the couple announced their split in July of the same year.

Anyway, he seems very fond of his co-star in the ad, an actress named Jes Meza.

But even though the first engagement - to The Bachelor winner Shayne Lamas - didn't last, Matt Grant, 37, successfully tied the knot with girlfriend Rebecca Moring in London on Thursday.

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